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Then Join over 300 Independent Pharmacists across the country using Total Business Mastery to take control of their business future…with increased revenues, higher profits and more free time.

Total Business Mastery by PDS, gives you three powerful programs in-one!

Marketing – revitalize your revenues and profits with cutting-edge marketing programs, innovative strategies, and user-friendly tools and technologies… all proven successful by Independent Pharmacists across the country… Independent Pharmacists just like you. AND, you get your own personal Focus Specialist to aid you in implementation.

Business Development
– get the business education they never taught you in Pharmacy School. Your own personal Business Coach will take you step-by-step through the processes and systems for running a successful and growing pharmacy business (while you cut costs, too!). The daily stress and tension will melt away and you’ll free up time for friends and family.

Business Management
– what would it be like to be greeted each day by a super-enthusiastic, highly trained staff… eager to serve and sell? How would you like to deliver customer service that becomes the talk of your town?… with a constant flow of potential customers stopping in to see what all the fuss is about. You’ll get all of the programs and tools you need to train, monitor and motivate your staff. What will it be like to have that kind of support behind you every day?

In addition:

You have daily access to a network of over 300 Independent Pharmacists on our Industry Bulletin Board. Join the conversation or just observe as questions are asked and answered, information and experiences shared. This community understands your needs and is there to support you 24 hours a day.

You have total access to our ‘members only” Independent Pharmacist Resource Library loaded with hundreds of valuable forms, manuals, documents and templates designed to meet your business needs.

"We were having a really tough year - with Pharmacy Development Services guidance and help, we were able to pull it all together and ended up having our best year ever.

PDS can take a self-employed pharmacy business owner and turn that pharmacy into a true business that makes money. You can learn how to stop being an employee in your own company and run the store without always having to be there."

Carmine Auricchio, owner

A Program customized to your needs.

You start with an intensive, private one-on-one phone meeting with Dan Benamoz, president and founder of PDS and Total Business Mastery. Together you evaluate your specific business needs. Then you and Dan customize both a 12-month business growth plan and an initial three-month action plan. (Dan will also share with you a simple technique that has helped other members realize up to $20,000 extra monthly profit!)

Next, Dan assigns you your own Personal Business Coach and Focus Specialist. At the same time, all of our Marketing, Business Development and Business Management materials and resources are made available to you. But, we know you are busy, so don’t feel overwhelmed. You’ll move at the pace that’s right for you. If you have even one hour a week to invest in your business future, then PDS’s “Total Business Mastery” will work for you.

"The number one complaint I hear from other pharmacy owners is, 'I can't get away.' I'm happy to say that Pharmacy Development Services has given me freedom from my business!"

Holly Whitcomb Henry

View Ridge Pharmacy
Seattle, WA

A Message from Dan Benamoz, R.Ph
President and Founder of PDS

Dan Benamoz, R.Ph

Hi, my name is Dan Benamoz. I’m a Pharmacist and an Independent Pharmacy Activist. I’m probably one of the few Pharmacists in the world with both a corporate background in retail pharmacy (Rite Aid Corporation) and experience as a successful independent pharmacy owner. In 1986, I was awarded a US Patent for the transdermal application of steroids with ultrasound.

I’m deeply committed to growth, the growth of the pharmacy industry. That’s why I’ve been, and continue to be, trained and mentored by some of the top marketing and business management gurus in the country. I translate concepts and ideas I learn into powerful, actionable strategies to help grow our industry.

My extensive experience in retail and private business, as well as my marketing and business contacts, coaches and mentors, has all given me a rare insider’s understanding of the strategies and business models of both types of businesses. And contrary to what lots of folks are worried about, I believe that by harnessing what’s best about marketing, business and teamwork, we pharmacists are about to be presented with a rare opportunity to turn the independent pharmacy industry into the COMPLETE SOURCE OF HEALTH AND WELLNESS for thousands and thousands of customers.

This is the time for independents to shine. The large corporations want you to believe the future is bleak because they know the truth. The truth is that independent pharmacy right now is a sleeping giant. In fact, a good independent is a chain’s worst nightmare. It’s now our time to reclaim our profession and PDS is committed to leading the way.

In fact, I believe so strongly in the positive future of independent pharmacy that I’ve steered my only son into this business!

So I’m going to make you a promise right now. I’m going to cut the number of hours you spend working IN your business – and help you transform your life so that you’re working ON your business and can begin enjoying the time and freedom that being a smart entrepreneur is all about.

I’m a pharmacist and I’m a teacher. I teach for results, not theory – you’ll learn everything you need to know right now to grow your business, and if you can invest just one hour a week, we’ll do great things together.


Are you ready for your own private business coach, and a totally customized, turn-key business and marketing growth plan that will help you dominate your competition, reclaim your time and freedom, and increase your Bottom-line 30-40%??

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